Sew it begins…

After years of dabbling in sewing, making dolls, cushions, curtains, alterations and upcycles, I have finally began to really want to make clothes. Also I have picked up crochet. Wow, it is so much fun and a lot simpler than I thought. I have tried crochet before, and have never been really good at it, or had much patience for it. This time though, I saw a photo of a crochet bra top on Instagram, got inspired and decided ‘I am going to make one of those.’ Surprisingly, after picking out the fabric and yarn and settling in my bed nest, I was actually making something, and it wasn’t hard. Well, to make a long story short, I cranked out 4 crochet bras in about 5 days. They are really fun to make and I am getting a great response through social media. They are all bright colors, pinks, blues, greens, purples, and orange and yellows.



As for now, I have a light coral sheet of fabric with lace fabric over the top, pinned to my mannequin on the sewing desk. (Oh yes! I have a sewing desk in my room now which is making everything go so much easier and tons more organized.) I really am excited about this dress, I have a great feeling about it, and the fabrics together are so pretty. I really love the feel of the fabric and the way that it lays. This is my first dress, so it will probably take a while. I do not want to make a mistake and ruin any of this fabric! I am so really happy though with the way that things have been turning out.

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